Keksialer Kaffeegenuss nachhaltig & fair

Biscuit coffee enjoyment, sustainable & fair

Biscuit coffee enjoyment, sustainable & fair

A different wind has recently been blowing through the glittering world. More precisely: a different scent! Instead of the usual seductive biscuit and muffin bouquet, there is now a delicious coffee aroma in the air that makes everyone weak!

Caventura 's hand-harvested and roasted coffee consists of the finest Arabica beans and has a balanced taste of dark chocolate and roasted almonds. It doesn't matter whether it's Pummel's favorite, the mild bean coffee " Hallowach ", or the slightly stronger espresso " Extrawach " from Grummeleinhorn - both guarantee a full-bodied enjoyment for waking up early in the morning or for a cozy afternoon break with colleagues or friends.

The aromatic coffee variations from the new partner Caventura , which come 100% from Colombia and were washed and dried in the sun by satisfied farmers, are certified organic and climate-neutral and impress with their sustainability and fairness.

This means you can not only experience the new Pummel & Friends coffee with (almost) all your senses, but at the same time you have the pleasant feeling of making the world a little better with every sip.