Über die Marke Pummel & Friends

When magic and fantasy meet

Let yourself be enchanted by the unique magic of the glittering world ! Here you can find out everything you need to know about the enchanted places and their inhabitants . Discover glittery cool unicorn coloring pictures , craft ideas , tricky puzzles and a variety of funny pictures and comics that will immerse you deeply in the world.

Also find out everything about our fantastic Pummeleinhorn radio plays from Amazon Music and tonies ®!

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Frequently asked questions about Glitter World

Pummeleinhorn and his friends live in the colorful glittering world . In the world where cake and cookies say goodnight to each other. Where the rainbow maintains its glittering, colorful life.

There are many places and regions to discover. For example, there is the bright and colorful Glitterland or the salty-sweet Glitternacht , where many lovely and unique residents live.

Pummeleinhorn has found many friends in the glitter world thanks to his loving and open-minded nature. These include, among others, his best friend Cookie Norbert , his magical sister Pummelfee , the grumpy-grouchy Grumpy Unicorn , the cute Pummelomi , his loyal dog Bisu and many, many others.

You can find a complete overview of the residents HERE .

The fluffy Pummeleinhorn 's best friend is called Norbert . With his dry sense of humor, he is always there to help and advise the cute unicorn.

If you would like to find out more about him, please take a look at his profile !

The exact age of Pummeleinhorn cannot be precisely stated, as times and units are calculated completely differently in the glittering world . For example, the Pummelomi is an infinite number of years old and the Buntbison train only lasts 33 1/3 days in Schaumkusen.

However, if you want to name the time when Pummel was born , it was in 2015. If you want to know more about our brand and how it came about, you can find all the information about it HERE .