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The Pummel & Friends brand

We, Pummeleinhorn GmbH , created a diverse cosmos of over 30 lovable and unique characters with a small team and their stories . - about the unicorn and the main character Pummeleinhorn .

Since 2016, the brand has been sweetening the everyday life of our community, which now consists of over 330,000 enthusiastic people . Every product and every new resident expands the story world that our loyal fans are committed to.

Industry awards:

Bestseller radio plays

Fans of Pummel & Friends have already enjoyed five seasons of the successful Pummeleinhorn radio play enjoy . As an all-ager, the series is equally popular with children and adults and storms the top 3 of various Amazon/Audible charts with every release. Further seasons are already being planned!

In 2023, the story world will be expanded to include another radio play series: the two adventures “ Versalzen Alles ” and “ The Lord of the Donuts ” appear on the first Pummeleinhorn tonies audio figure .

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Strong partners & great product diversity

Our product range now includes over 400 items and is regularly expanded. In addition, a wide variety of license partners have trusted us since the beginning, such as Amazon Music/Audible , Aral, tonies , Herding, United Labels, DeinDesign, EQuest, Bubeck and many more. – who are among the best known and best in their industries. Regular trade promotions with partners such as REWE , REAL , KIK , Mister*Lady , Fressnapf round off the diverse offering.

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High reach & broad target group

With more than 330,000 followers on our social media channels, we reach everyone in our diverse target group, from children aged 6 and over to adults of infinite ages. We are extremely proud of our strong reach of over 1.5 million views per month via social media and our cool unicorn shop .

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Life-sized walking acts

Meet a real unicorn?! Yes! With our walking acts , fans can get to know three of Glitter World's most popular residents Pummeleinhorn , Grummeleinhorn and Zebrasus in person - at trade fairs, celebrations or other events.

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Experience a glittering world

Pummel and his friends are in the glitter world At home. Its residents use humor to represent a variety of positive values ​​that cover every area and stage of life.

In addition to the physical products, young and old can also discover the world in the newly created Magictasia website area, where puzzles , unicorn coloring pages and exciting stories await.

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In-house production “magic work”

Since 2021, we have been able to develop and realize collections in a short time in our in-house production , the “ Magiewerk ”, such as unicorn cups , kitchenware and other unicorn gift ideas with loving motifs from Pummel & Friends . This means we can respond quickly to our fans' requests and we're always at the forefront of trends ! Partners also rely on Zauberwerk for large productions, including Fressnapf CH/AT .

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Hello you!

The adventurous adventure of my chubby unicorn began in 2016 . He quickly found his way into people's hearts on social media with his cool, fun pictures . Within a short time we were able to open our Pummel & Friends Shop , the dining class among unicorn shops , with a wide variety of unicorn cuddly toys and unicorn cups and others Start with unicorn gifts .

After a few months, we gained our first licensing partners and quickly developed into a strong trading and licensing company. In 2017 , our Pummeleinhorn Monopoly even made it to second place among the best-selling Monopoly games in Germany! Wohoo! In 2017 we finally won the LIMA Licensing Award as “ Best Newcomer ” in the industry. I couldn't have been prouder until I won the LIMA Licensing Rising Star Award in 2020 .

I'm looking forward to a rainbow-colored future! Thank you for allowing Pummel to experience all of this. I have you, our wonderful partners and my world-best team to thank for this!

– Steffi Engel
(Inventor, Creative Director & CEO Pummeleinhorn GmbH)

Frequently asked questions about the brand

The graphic designer and illustrator Steffi Engel invented the cookie-loving chubby unicorn and his lovable friends in 2015. With the bestselling authors Sabine Bohlmann and Tommy Krappweis , she also created an entire glittering world for thePummeleinhorn radio plays on Amazon Music, Audible and tonies , which can now also be discovered visually for fans of the fluffy unicorn.

The Chubby Unicorn is a fictional character who has become a unique character thanks to his combination of cuteness and fluffy curves. In contrast to other unicorns , which are often depicted as slim and elegant, Pummel has a chubby physique and represents positive body image and self-acceptance . It shows that beauty comes in many shapes, colors and sizes. Pummeleinhorn has become a popular figure in pop culture and has gained a loyal and loyal fan base.

The chubby unicorn lives in the magical and rainbow-colored glitter world ! If you would like to find out more about it, then take a look at our lovely magictasia section. There you will find everything you need to know about the cute unicorn and his friends.

However, the Pummel & Friends brand comes from Mettmann , because that's where the inventor Steffi Engel comes from!

In the fantasticPummeleinhorn radio plays on Amazon Music & Audible and tonies® , actor, speaker & comedian Thomas Nicolas speaks the fluffy unicorn. He is also spoken of as the grumpy grumpy unicorn !

The fat unicorn is called Pummeleinhorn and - as the name suggests - has a rather cuddly, fluffy nature. Pummel became famous with the saying "I 'm not fat. I'm fluffy! ".

The Grummeleinhorn is also a fictional character who, in contrast to the always good-humoured Pummeleinhorn , is known for his constant bad mood and his cynical nature . Grumpy stands for all those who are not always positive and have a more pessimistic attitude towards life. It shows that it's okay to feel bad occasionally and that negative emotions are also a part of the human experience. The Grummeleinhorn also has a loyal fan base who appreciate his humorous and sarcastic nature.

In recent years , social networks have taken a large place in everyone's life and often suggest an infallible and perfect world. A world in which there seems to be no room for rough edges or other flaws.

Naturalness is mercilessly softened with effect filters and every little tummy is concealed and eliminated with a miracle diet, Photoshop or fat-free pants. Beauty shows on television support the impression that nowadays only slim people are beautiful and there is no room for other beauty ideals.

Pummeleinhorn and his friends remind us that the most important thing is to have a heart of gold and hooves full of cookies. They show us that we should see life from the rainbow side and, above all, learn to accept and love ourselves.

We, Pummeleinhorn GmbH , market our Pummel & Friends brand in the EU and especially in the DACH area. We work with well-known licensing partners and offer a wide variety of gift items with motifs from Pummeleinhorn and his friends , such as unicorn cuddly toys , unicorn mugs , clothing for children and adults, books , calendars and much more. We attach great importance to the quality of our products and ensure that they meet our requirements and those of our customers. The brand has gained a large following in recent years, particularly supporting the message of self-acceptance and positivity .

Voices from the community

Steffi Engel has created something really wonderful with the invention of the glittering world inhabitants and they are loyal to you in many situations. <3

Sissy K.

Pummel simply has no prejudices and accepts everyone as they are. There's also a certain pinch of humor or sarcasm and that's what makes this family so wonderfully crazy and authentic. For me, Pummel is not just merch, but a way of life! <3

Lisa S.

I just love it. The characters all have something magical in their own way and then these sayings, especially from the Grumpy Unicorn - they reflect my life and my soul.

Kim S.

Pummel & Friends show that everyone is unique. I just love everything!

Romina W.

Chubby keeps my inner child alive! <3

Anke B.

Since I met Pummel, my life has been much more colorful and biscuit!

Marion K.

Pummel and his friends show you how different you can be and still live together harmoniously. Everyone is special in their own way with flaws and everything good. They are a colorful bunch, covering all facets of life. Pummel showed me that I am wonderfully perfectly imperfect and that's a good thing!

Nicole S.

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