Entdecke das Glitzerland der Glitzerwelt von Pummel & Friends


Most of the glittering world's residents live here. From the capital of cookies to balloons , glitter glitter city and more, this region is the most colorful. From a biscuit perspective, the land is in the middle baking level, where the base dough is still a bit soft.

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Glitternacht, der dunklere und salzigere Ort der Glitzerwelt

Glitter night

Anyone who hears the word “ glitter night ” for the first time will feel a slight shiver run down their spine. But don't be fooled: the darker and saltier part of the glitter world has a charm all its own. Anyone who dares to venture into this land of misunderstood creatures will gain loyal friends for life !

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Entdecke das unerforschte FantAsien der Glitzerwelt von Pummel & Friends


FantAsia remains unexplored by glitter worlders . But once you have found the secret path through misty swaths of cotton candy and passed the gigantic gate, there are all sorts of fantastic things to discover: crispy pagodas , rice noodle falls and even bubble tea lakes !

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In Rabenschwarz fühlen sich fiese Fieslinge Zuhause I Pummel & Friends

Raven black

Anyone who is desperately looking for a place of darkness in the glittering world , far away from happiness, sugar and ukulele hymns, is in good hands behind the Dark Coast west of the Schokokan . There lies raven black ! Why does such a place exist? It's simple: with every sugary-sweet experience, a salty mishap happens somewhere else!

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