Welcome to the glitter world!

Pummeleinhorn and his friends invite you into their magical and rainbow-colored glittering world!
A world where sugar and honey flow and cookies and cakes say goodnight to each other!

  • cookies

    Welcome to the glittering capital of the world! Pummel, Norbert, Bisu and Purricorn welcome you here!

    Ort ansehen
  • Balloons

    Zebrasus and Bumblebee welcome you to their airy city!

    Ort ansehen
  • Glitter night

    Glitter Night is the pinch of salt in the glitter world's recipe for happiness. Grummel, Zonbi, Boo and many others are looking forward to seeing you!

    Ort ansehen
  • Glimmer City

    Pummelfee, Pummelomi and Flecki provide the necessary amount of magic and glitter in the world in the Glimmer City!

    Ort ansehen
  • Marshmallowia

    Buddy and Rocky invite you to Marshmallow Beach. A legend says that the hidden Naschlantis lies beneath the Brausesee!

    Ort ansehen
  • Clouds of happiness

    Do you hear the happy laughter? That can only be Mooh in the clouds of happiness!

    Ort ansehen
  • Rock candy mountains

    Discover Zuckerella as she makes her bell ring in the rock candy mountains with happiness!

    Ort ansehen
  • Schaumkusen

    The Buntbisonbahn takes you to Schaumkusen so you can swim a few laps in the Puddingsee!

    Ort ansehen
  • Cocoa bog

    On the cocoa moor there is the famous chocolate canister with the most delicious chocolate in the entire glittering world!

    Ort ansehen