Spezial-interview: Wie Pummelomi ihre magische Valentins-Rose bekam - Ausgabe #001

Special interview: How Pummelomi got her magical Valentine's rose - Issue #001

Special interview: How Pummelomi got her magical Valentine's rose - Issue #001

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It's that time again! The gifts are bought and the most romantic places in the glittering world are reserved with towels. All Glitterworlders are preparing for the double holiday. Couples celebrate Valentine's Day - a tradition that is not only known in this world. However, interworldly visitors might be surprised about the second day: February 14th is also the day of the Fallen Day. A day when friends do special favors for each other!

But some people don't wait for the exact day to start doing big things. After all, Fallentin’s Day is just the last part in the year-round tradition of the “Remembrance Rose”. Reporter Ross investigates:

I speak to Pummelomi, the first bearer of the Remembrance Rose and initiator of the award. Finding the way to her is very easy - her Guglhupfburg is now a kind of landmark in the capital and can be seen from almost every location in Cookies. I knock. Powdered sugar trickles towards me - and before I know it, the unicorn lady has already stuffed me into an armchair and provided me with cocoa and cookies.

“I got the rose from an admirer,” she tells me before I can even ask. I'm not the first reporter who wants to interview her in February. “Back when I learned pummel-fu in fantasies. He probably saw me every morning from a distance, practicing my flips.” She laughs. “The young man never dared to speak to me.”

I laugh with you. She stops and looks serious. “After all, Chubby-Fu is not something to be trifled with.”

One morning the rose was lying on her training hill with a small note next to it. Pummelomi still has the piece of paper and is reading from it.

“Whoever looks deep into this rose
and dare to remember
sees the bubbles rising in it
that show us the most beautiful moments.”

Where is the admirer today and where did he get the rose? Pummelomi isn't sure, but has a guess... that she doesn't want to share with me yet.

For the first few years she kept the memorial rose to herself. Whenever she felt bad, all she had to do was take the flower in her hand and look deep into its leaves - and she would see the most beautiful moments of her life rising up as little glitter bubbles!

“But at some point that’s no longer good for you. I had repeated my beautiful moments so often that I hadn’t experienced any new ones!”

And so she decided to share the memory rose with others. Nobody should have it for too long - and you should first earn the honor. The rose is therefore presented every year to someone from the community who was particularly kind and full of affection. The obvious day of the handover was Fallentin’s Day! The current bearer is little Bumblebee, for her tireless work as Zebrasus' flight instructor. Bumblebee was already happy about the flower when she didn't yet know about its magical abilities.

After my conversation with Pummelomi, she allowed me to use the Golden Horn to also ask residents of the Worldworld their opinions. A friendly lady named “Meike” was blown away by the idea of ​​the memorial rose.

“We urgently need a rose like this in the world world! There are so many people who inconspicuously just do the things they love, without any reward. We should also acknowledge them.”

It remains to be seen who will receive the magical memorial rose this year - but this reporter is hoping for the best for him or her! Maybe it will be you, dear reader? The Küchener Kurier recommends the following gift ideas for everyone who wants to make their loved ones particularly happy - and of course want to be particularly noticed on the Favourite's Day...

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