Sondermagazin Keksstory: Ostern in der Glitzerwelt - Ausgabe #003

Special magazine Cookie Story: Easter in the Glitter World - Issue #003

Special magazine Cookie Story: Easter in the Glitter World - Issue #003

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Easter is coming! Here in the glittering world, the festival also has a long tradition, albeit with a different background. The residents bake delicious braids and wreaths, and then look forward to the big rainbow egg hunt around the Shimmersee! But the holidays weren't always so happy - at least not for everyone. A review.

For most people, Pummelomi is a “veteran” of the glitter world. Always been there , always wise , and always knew where to go. But no , it is not just for most people, but for everyone - after all , Grandma is the oldest resident of the glittering world!

But that's only half the story. I, reporter and amateur cookie historian Albert Ross, traveled the glittering world again to have the whole story told to me. From many small interviews, including with the Chubby Unicorn, the Chubby Fairy, Grandma herself and even with some of Lolliwood's residents, I was able to reconstruct at least a small part of Grandma's backstory.

As many people already know, unicorns hatch from rainbow eggs, which are created where a rainbow meets the ground. It was the same with the Chubby Unicorn and the Chubby Fairy. But a rainbow egg needs a lot of love so that it can hatch, and Pummelomi was all alone when she had to take care of two rainbow eggs.

For the first few months, she did everything she could to care for them: every morning, standing next to the oven to keep them warm while she baked cookies, painting with fresh icing at lunchtime, and reading a story in the evening. But she was so busy with that that she couldn't worry about herself and her Guglhupfburg anymore. She canceled meetings with her friends, left her beautiful garden neglected, and at some point she just stayed in the castle all day long and looked after the unhatched grandchildren.

Word of her strange behavior spread throughout Glittermica City, and eventually beyond the city. No one knew how to help her - until the message arrived in the dense forest of Lolliwood. The little blue rabbit Conjo lived there back then. He saw a lot of himself in Pummelomi: his friends could always rely on him - so it was difficult for him to ask for help when he needed it.

But Conjo knew that he couldn't help on his own. He had to think of something to motivate everyone... so he gathered the necessary tools and went to the Guglhupfburg to tell Pummelomi about his plan.

The next day it was time! Conjo had brushed the rainbow eggs with fresh sugar icing and really let off steam creatively. Both eggs were covered with colorful patterns, and he had put a delicious marzipan bow on Chubby Fairy's egg. He asks Pummelomi for permission one last time - and then hops deep into the bushes at Shimmersee. The two then went to the village square and hung up self-written posters: “The Great Egg Hunt! Whoever finds the two hidden, rare rainbow eggs becomes their guardian for a day. He warms them, freshly glazes them, and hides them again!”
The plan worked: the whole town happily went looking every day, looked after the rainbow eggs, and the breeding season passed in no time.

Pummelomi visited the eggs with each finder and thus reconnected with her friends - and with herself. But the best thing was: every single town resident felt responsible for the Pummeleinhorn and the Pummelfee. When they hatched, the entire Glitter City was there to welcome them!

Since then, the big rainbow egg hunt has been held every year, of course with many more and much smaller colored eggs, just like in the world. The search is intended to remind everyone to always be on the lookout for people who need help. Not only is it nice, it can actually be a lot of fun!

With this research I found a much closer connection to Easter. Now I'm really looking forward to the festival!

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