Das Pummeleinhorn Hörspiel - Staffel 6

The Pummeleinhorn radio play - season 6

The Pummeleinhorn radio play - season 6

In a world where the shine of glitter is only surpassed by that of cookie stars, the chubby unicorn and his friends are back to conquer the hearts of their loyal listeners!

The 6th season of the beloved Pummeleinhorn radio play series is now available on Amazon Music and Audible and has already taken the charts by storm! After the previous seasons proudly occupied their places in various bestseller lists, the latest season continues this impressive tradition: It has not only entered the general top 100, but has also claimed the glorious first place in various kids charts.

And that's what the new season is about:
The journey on the cloud ship - Julia actually had enough to do with preparing her mother Meike for the entrance exam into the “Club of Puzzle Foxes”. But then a new adventure in the glittering world beckons and Grummeleinhorn swaps places with her. While Julia sets off with Pummel, Norbert the Cookie, Bonnie McSwan and Pummelomi to solve the puzzle of a mysterious treasure map, Grummeleinhorn discovers his love for puzzle books together with Meike.

The latest crazy, funny adventure with Pummeleinhorn and Co. this time reveals the secret of pirate captain Bonnie McSwan and how she actually ended up in the glittering world.

The cast, who lend their voices to the characters, shines again: Thomas Nicolai as Pummeleinhorn and Grummeleinhorn, Marti Fischer as Cookie Norbert, Paulina Rümmelein as Julia, Constanze Lindner as Mama Meike, Arlett Drexler as Bonnie McSwan, Angelika Bender as Pummelomi and Albert Bozesan as reporter Albert Ross. New and leading the journey as narrator is Götz Otto, who accompanies the listeners through the adventurous adventure as a charismatic voice.

The season was written by the order writers Carsten Steenbergen and Tommy Krappweis.

Fans can already look forward to more: A 7th season is being planned and will continue the magical adventure!