Einhörner gibt's wirklich!

Unicorns are real!

Unicorns are real!

We were often asked whether it wouldn't be possible to invite a superhero from the glittering world to the next celebration, event, promotion or trade fair...

Now the time has finally come: We are proud to be able to present the Von.tz event agency as a strong new partner at our side! The walking acts by Pummeleinhorn , Grummeleinhorn & Zebrasus can now be booked to make the next event an even more unforgettable event. Because let's be honest: when do you have the opportunity to meet a real glittering creature ?

The Von.tz event agency has been implementing show formats for children and families for 15 years now, carrying out sales-promoting promotions and impressing with large, licensed figures that you can touch.

📸 Photos gamescom: eosAndy