Kuchen macht nicht dick. Er zieht Falten glatt! 🍰

Cake doesn't make you fat. It smooths out wrinkles! 🍰

Cake doesn't make you fat. It smooths out wrinkles! 🍰

We are excited to present our newest and magical collaboration: Pummeleinhorn meets KittyCatCakes ! 🤤

KittyCatCakes brings fresh , handmade 🍰 cakes in a jar and 🍪 cookies onto the market that not only taste great, but are also decorated with lovely Pummeleinhorn sayings . Whether as a unicorn birthday present , a small souvenir or just as a sweet surprise - these cakes are the perfect gift idea for any occasion!

You can choose from these delicacies:

Cake in glass:
- Vanilla cake ( also available vegan )
- Chocolate cake ( vegan )
- Lemon cake

- Cookie with rainbow sprinkles (vegan)
- Chocolate Chip Cookie

With a variety of motifs, you can personalize your glasses as you wish and give them as gifts for many different occasions.

Special Edition

To celebrate 🌈 Pride Month in June, we have come up with something special: a rainbow cake in a glass, a cookie with rainbow sprinkles , the matching enamel mug and postcard - all with the loving " Love is Love " motif. Ideal for celebrating diversity and love! 🥰

KittyCatCakes is also a fantastic cake artist who creates impressive 3D cakes: her masterpieces include a moving car made of cake for the Friendly Fire fundraiser stream, a clicker from the video game " The Last of Us " and the impressive head of Davy Jones from " Pirates of the Caribbean ". These artistic creations show the extraordinary talent and creativity of KittyCatCakes! 💖

Immerse yourself in the magical, delicious world and discover the sweet delights that await you!

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