Albert Ross

Albert Ross

Albert Ross

Albert Ross , the glittering world's frenzied reporter, is always there where the action is happening. Most of the time he attracts everyone's attention when he appears - because, like his peers, Albert has enormous problems landing. After a helpless rollover, there is an awkward waving of the hooves and a painful, but quite amusing for the audience, croaking. But once he has recovered from his crash landing, he asks tough investigative questions and always has the right nose for a story that tastes good!


Genus: Rosswing
Gender Male
Vitality: Healthy to slightly weakened
Features: Sonorous voice

Strengths: Questioning, flying, aiming, persuasiveness
Weaknesses: Landing
Talent: Vocal impersonations of long-forgotten glittering world stars

Hobbies: Shoot bargains on glittering classified ads
Favorite food: Liquorice cod
Favorite possession: Large diaphragm microphone (very expensive)

Place of residence: Hotels

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