Muffle mop

Muffle mop

The mouflon pug is not a pug of many words. Of course he could speak, but he doesn't want to. This is how he avoids making compromises with others. His appearance entices many Glitterworlders to cuddle and scratch him. This is at least as unpleasant for the grumpy mop as filing his tax return. For this reason, he spends most of his time with Grummel in the Wubbelteich, where the two of them stare at each other in annoyance for days in peace.


Genus: Pug
Gender Male
Vitality: sluggish, slightly stocky
Size: 30cm

Strengths: Writing with both paws, excellent costume ideas
Weaknesses: Empathy
Talent: Catching your own tail

Hobbies: sleeping, getting balls, going to theater performances
Favorite food: Anything on the table, but especially sushi
Favorite possessions: Things that mean something to others

Place of residence: Glitternacht, Wubbelteich


  • Ich möchte an dieser Stelle meine Kollegen grüßen, die mich als muffelmops bezeichnen.

    Smuepel on

  • Meine Tochter liiebt euren Mops! 🥰 Sie wünscht sich nun einen neuen 😅🤤😊🥰

    Janina on

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