Grumpy unicorn

Grumpy unicorn

The bad-tempered Grummeleinhorn lives lonely and alone on a small island in the middle of the Wubbelteich in Glitternacht. For Grumpy, the cookie jar is always half empty and that's exactly how he feels. When he gets to know new creatures, he immediately offers them “ bye ” and curls up in his little house again.


Genus: Unicorn
Gender Male
Vitality: sluggish, ponderous
Size: 1.50m
Best friend: Buddy

Strengths: Tactical thinking, patience, rationality
Weaknesses: being (over)critical, passivity
Hobbies: Doing nothing, working
Favorite possession: Bon-Bot
Favorite food: Dark chocolate
Favorite color: Black

Place of residence: Glitternacht, Wubbelteich


  • Grummel ist fast wie ich immer schlecht gelaunt und ich hätte nix gegen mehr von dem kleinen Grummeleinhorn 🦄🪽

    GRUMMEL.FAN.#1 on

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