Zebrasus & Hummel

Zebrasus & Bumblebee

Zebrasus & Bumblebee

Although Zebrasus has small wings, it cannot yet fly. His best friend Hummel supports him in every way and always gives him flying lessons. Nothing can stop them together. They pursue their dreams together and accomplish everything they set their minds to. Because “ If you dream of flying, you will grow wings!”


Genus: Zebrasus (Pegasus & Zebra)
Gender Male
Vitality: active, persistent
Size: 1.55m
Features: pastel stripes, small wings
Best friend: Bumblebee

Talents: Green Hoof
Persistence, patience, ambition
Weaknesses: Being (over)critical
Hobbies: flying lessons, gardening
Favorite possession: Glitter garden
Favorite food: gumballs
Favorite color: Lilac

Place of residence: Glitterland, balloons

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