Chubby unicorn

Chubby unicorn

He always sees life from the rainbow-colored and cookie-cutter side . Pummel always assumes only the best for all beings. Even the nastiest villain would offer Pummel a cookie - and sometimes he's not that wrong.


Genus: Unicorn
Gender Male
Vitality: active, not persistent
Size: 1.55m
Siblings: Chubby Fairy
Best friend: Norbert, Bisu

Strengths: creativity, teamwork, charisma
Weaknesses: talkativeness, impatience
Hobbies: Playing the ukulele, pummel-fu
Favorite possession: Ukulele
Favorite food: Glitter mica cookies
Favorite color: rainbow colored

Place of residence: Glitterland, capital city of Cookies


  • ich will nicht nur pummel sondern auch die anderen selbst pummellino

    Erik Pecnik on

  • Ich glaube, Pummel-Fu wäre auch mein Sport

    Anke Beccu on

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