Chubby fairy

Chubby fairy

No glitter is not a solution either! As the sister of the iconic Chubby Unicorn, the Chubby Fairy is an important part of the colorful glittering world. She recognizes problems immediately and supports her friends in every situation. With her magical glitter fairy dust she comes to the aid of everyone and lives true to the motto “Glitter for the soul.” Cookies for the stomach!”.


Genus: Unicorn
Gender Female
Vitality: active
Size: 1.45m
Features: Small fairy wings
Siblings: Pummeleinhorn
Best friend: Zuckerella

Strengths: Commitment, curiosity
Weaknesses: Lack of organization
Hobbies: magic, handicrafts
Favorite possession: Magic wand
Favorite food: Cookies
Favorite color: glitter

Place of residence: Glitterland, Glittermica City

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