Zuckerellas Glöckchen erklingt in den Kandisbergen

Zuckerella's little bell rings in the rock candy mountains

Zuckerella's little bell rings in the rock candy mountains

The rock candy mountains rise so far into the sky that you can see them from almost all over the glittering world. Here the alpaca candy lady Zuckerella and the butterfly bong live near the caramel loase spring , which supplies cookies with liquid caramel. To the west of the mountains lies the fairytale Eswaramaal and the cotton candy land , where the cotton candy farmers use large cotton rollers to collect their cotton from the Wadden Sea every year.

The residents

Caramel oasis

In the middle of the great caramel desert, the hot rays of the sun caramelized a sweet shelter: the caramel oasis with its toffee grottoes offers adventurers delicious refreshment in the shade. In the depths of the liquid caramel is the large geyser, which constantly releases a small pinch of salt into the liquid caramel. Well, unless it gets out of control and salts all of the cookies in a shower of salt... But that happens very rarely!

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