Arr! Käpt'n Octobart ist in Rabenschwarz gekentert

Arr! Captain Octobart capsized in raven black

Arr! Captain Octobart capsized in raven black

Anyone who is desperately looking for a place of darkness in the glittering world, far away from happiness, sugar and ukulele hymns, is in good hands behind the Dark Coast west of the Schokokan .

That's where Raven Black lies and there you'll meet nasty characters of all sizes! As the name suggests, the place is feared and avoided by the Glitterworlders. Because this is where Captain Octobart , Boatswain Botoko , his bat friend Jazmo , the ninja monkeys and other villains dock ! But what you have to fear most are the smallest ones: the Nebelons . These hungry beasts eat everything that comes their way that is tasty.

How did raven black lose its color? Through Octogrummel and his ancestors: the little octopus can't stand bright colors and covers them with his ink wherever he finds them.

Why does such a place exist? It's simple: with every sugary-sweet experience, a salty mishap happens somewhere else!

The residents


Glitternacht may be a dark place in terms of color, but it's not necessarily evil. Things are different with Darkshore. These rocks are the gateway to Rabenschwarz , where only those who do not want to return travel. And for pirates. They sometimes return...

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