Marshmuscheln knacken mit Buddy & Rocky

Crack marshmallows with Buddy & Rocky

Crack marshmallows with Buddy & Rocky

If you want to visit Buddy and Rocky , you can go to Marshmallonia , in the east of the glittering world! A successful day trip includes a tour around the marshmallow houses, searching for pearls in the countless marshmallows on the beach and a swim in the sparkling effervescent lake . However, there is a secret hidden in these sweet waters; Deep beneath the bubbling waves lies Naschlantis and the fountain of perpetually bubbling dough .

The residents

Hidden Snacks

The mysterious, long-lost Naschlantis awaits at the bottom of the brewing lake. But to get there you have to expose yourself to many dangers: the shower siren bubbles that make you talk backwards and the wildly rotating shower vortex are not to be trifled with.

Glittering legend has it that the hidden fountain of perpetually bubbling dough can also be found there! If the dough falls into the wrong hands, the entire Glitter World will be overrun by an army of living cookies! That's why he was magically sealed and hidden here in the jungle...

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