Mit Schokodil & Rosalie im Kakaomoor entspannen

Relax in the cocoa moor with Schokodil & Rosalie

Relax in the cocoa moor with Schokodil & Rosalie

The glitter worlders are well supplied with chocolate. In the chocolate fruit forest , residents Rosalie and the chocolate can pick chocolate fruits straight from the trees! To the south, chocolate and cream springs meet in the cocoa moor - all you have to do is hold a cup in and you'll have it filled with hot cocoa - even marshmallows! But only those glitter worlders who dare to climb directly into the chocolate can get the tastiest, purest chocolate... Hopefully it doesn't break out!

The residents


The tastiest chocolate in the glittering world is bubbling away in the Schokokan in Glitternacht . Nevertheless, most residents keep a respectful distance - because no one knows exactly when the mountain will next erupt and spew its contents into the sky! The chocolate isn't red hot - but once you've been glazed by the eruption, you have to let yourself nibble freely from the outside!

Chocolate fruit forest

In the chocolate fruit forest , chocolate strawberries, oranges and bananas belong on the morning, lunch and dinner table! The secret why the fruits grow out of the ground here already glazed: deep underground, the roots hang directly in the basic chocolate .

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