Das Pummeleinhorn präsentiert zwei tonies® Hörspiele

The Pummeleinhorn presents two tonies® radio plays

The Pummeleinhorn presents two tonies® radio plays

The chubby unicorn joins the popular tonies® ! The new release, an audio figure of Pummel with Cookie Norbert on his arm, will be released with two new short audio plays: “The Lord of the Donuts” and “Alles Versalzen”. These can be experienced after placing the figure on the Toniebox.

Books and songs about the two adventures were written by Robert Sladeczek and Albert Bozesan. The author duo is also behind, among other things, the Audible order “Schund und Dirt”.

As with all previous radio plays, Tommy Krappweis is on board again as producer and Sabine Bohlmann as director.

In addition to the well-known speakers Marti Fischer as Cookie Norbert, Thomas Nicolai as Pummel and Angelika Bender as Pummelomi, this time Götz Otto leads the radio plays as the narrator.

The Lord of the Donuts
The Cookie Sweets Tournament is coming up! Pummel has been baking his contribution all night, but something is still missing: a chocolate icing. And not just any, but the tastiest one ever – with chocolate from the fearsome Schokokan! Can the friends make it across the glittering world in time before the mayor crowns the wrong winner? Or even worse: before Pummel eats the unglazed donut himself out of sheer hunger?!

Salt everything
Bah! For the first time in seven and three quarters of a year, the proud cotton candy farmers are bringing their harvest to the cookie capital. But something goes terribly wrong and the fresh cotton wool is completely inedible! In fact, everything tastes like salt now! Is the whole glittering world over salted?! So Pummel and his friends set out to find the source of the disaster. Your journey takes you from the Süßmilchsee to the caramel oasis - where a long-forgotten force of nature awaits you...

The two new adventures are suitable for a younger target group aged 3 and over.

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Pummeleinhorn tonies® – available to order from May 10, 2023