Pummeleinhorn meets kids4yoga

Pummeleinhorn meets kids4yoga - together for self-love and fun in yoga

Pummeleinhorn meets kids4yoga - together for self-love and fun in yoga

Pummeleinhorn GmbH and Act Support GmbH have joined forces in an extraordinary and magical cooperation to introduce children to the positive aspects of yoga in a playful way.

The cute chubby unicorn is known for his lovable character and embodies self-acceptance and self-love in all his fluffiness. kids4yoga , a respected brand from Act Support, offers yoga courses for children and stands for a healthy and positive body image. It therefore made sense to work together to draw attention to the important core message that yoga can be fun for every child, regardless of body size or body type. Because yoga exercises increase awareness of your own body and help you recover and relax from stressful everyday life.

In a lovingly produced video series we see an experienced yoga teacher who performs various yoga exercises together with children and the pummeleinhorn. The combination of fiction and reality makes these videos a unique and entertaining experience. When can you see a real unicorn doing yoga? The children take part with great enthusiasm, while Pummel, with his cuddly, fluffy stature, proves that yoga is accessible to everyone.

Steffi Engel and Patricia Andrew - Pummeleinhorn

" Our vision is to promote positive body awareness and self-love from a young age ," says Steffi Engel, managing director of Pummeleinhorn GmbH and inventor of the Pummeleinhorn universe. " Through this cooperation we want to convey to children that they are unique and wonderful, no matter what size or body type they are. The Pummeleinhorn stands for individuality and self-acceptance and that harmonizes perfectly with the philosophy of kids4yoga. "

The managing director and founder of kids4yoga, Patricia Andrew, is equally enthusiastic about the collaboration: " Yoga offers so many benefits for children, including stress reduction, physical flexibility and strengthened, positive self-confidence. With the Pummeleinhorn at our side, we want these Spread the message even further and show children how much joy yoga can bring! "

The yoga videos will soon be available on both companies' social media channels and websites. Everyone is warmly invited to discover the wonderful world of yoga with the cool chubby unicorn!