Urlaub in der Glitzerwelt!

Vacation in the glittering world!

Vacation in the glittering world!

The magic of the glittering world returns with the fourth season of the entertaining radio play about the popular Pummeleinhorn and his friends on Amazon Music and Audible.

After the previous seasons had already caused a storm of enthusiasm among young and old and were successfully represented in the top 10 , many people were wondering when it would finally continue. So best-selling author Sabine Bohlmann didn't take much time and staged this fourth colorful adventure about Pummel, Norbert, Meike and the other glittering world residents.

Six weeks of glittering world! That sounds like pure paradise to Mama Meike. She is very excited when she presents this plan to daughter Julia on her last day of school: a relaxing holiday in the Glückswolken Hotel with Pummel and the Glitterworlders.

Julia, on the other hand, is not so enthusiastic. She had actually thought she would spend the summer vacation in America. She would have much preferred that. But the supposedly sleepy hotel vacation quickly becomes more exciting than expected. Having just arrived at the hotel, the relaxation is quickly over when Botoko, the mean hooded ninja monkey, bursts the rainbow with a cannonball. With dire consequences: Pummelomi and the other glitter worlders are slowly losing their colors and the entire glitter world is at stake! And so Pummel, Norbert and Julia set off on their next adventure to save the colors and with them the entire glittering world.
Constanze Lindner as Mama Meike, Paulina Rümmelein as Julia, Marti Fischer as Cookie Norbert and Thomas Nicolai as Pummel are there again.

And producer Tommy Krappweis of course contributed some catchy songs. The Pummeleinhorn Season 4 – a must for every radio play fan!

And that's not all: Season 5 is already in the works and is expected to appear at the end of 2022!

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