Die perfekte Einhorn Party

The perfect unicorn party 🎉

The perfect unicorn party 🎉

A day full of magic and joy!

A magical unicorn party is the perfect opportunity to bring friends and family together and have a magical time together. Here I'll give you a few tips and inspiration on how you can throw the perfect unicorn party , for a birthday or any other occasion, in just a few simple steps!

Unicorn decoration 🎈

With a few cute decorative elements you can create a wonderful unicorn world in no time! Start by setting the table with cute party plates , party cups and napkins from Pummeleinhorn or Grummeleinhorn . Then spread some glittering and colorful confetti along the middle of the table to give your decoration a good dose of unicorn magic . Finally, blow up a few colorful balloons, scatter them around the room, and hang a few on cabinets and doors. As an eye-catcher you can add our foil balloons from Pummel or Grummel . Last but not least, put a few streamers on the table and distribute them around the room. Be careful not to decorate too much in one place - sometimes less is more. 💖

Unicorn snacks 🧁

No unicorn party is complete without delicious snacks! Here are three simple recipe ideas that you can easily prepare yourself:

  1. Rainbow Popcorn: Make your favorite popcorn and mix it with colorful food coloring or sprinkles. Add edible glitter to give your popcorn a magical sparkle.
  2. Unicorn Fruit Skewers: Cut various types of fruit such as strawberries, melons, pineapples, grapes and blueberries into bite-sized pieces. Thread them alternately onto wooden skewers to create a fruity rainbow.
  3. Magical Cupcakes: Bake your favorite cupcakes and decorate them with colorful pastel icing. Add edible unicorn sugar decorations or small sugar pearls to give them the final magical touch.

If you need more recipes, feel free to check out our blog post “ 10 DIY Unicorn Snacks !

Unicorn games 🎲

To get the unicorn party going, fun games are a must! Here are three ideas for games that you can even make yourself:

  1. Unicorn Piñata: Fill a unicorn piñata with candy and hang it in the party room. Have guests take turns trying to hit the piñata while blindfolded to get the candy inside! You can order the piñata inexpensively online.
  2. Hit the Horn - Toss Game: Draw a Pummeleinhorn head on a large piece of cardboard or box, but leave out Pummel's horn. Place an empty glass bottle in place of the horn. Cut rings out of cardboard and paint them with colorful rainbow colors. Have players take turns trying to throw the rings over the chubby unicorn horn.
  3. PummelKEINhorn: Draw a picture of Pummeleinhorn on a large piece of paper and stick it to a wall. Draw and cut out several colorful unicorn horns from paper and attach double-sided tape to the back. The players must take turns blindfolded and try to stick the horn in the right place on Pummel's head .

If you want to make your guests happy afterwards, give them sweet unicorn souvenirs as a thank you for taking part in the games. How about cute keychains from Pummel or Pummelfee ? Or great unicorn adhesive tattoos from Pummel , Grummel , Zebrasus and their friends ?

Photo corner 📸

To create an unforgettable memory for your guests, set up a special photo corner. Decorate the area with some colorful balloons and streamers , also provide them with our cute party props .

Highlight: walking acts

Pummeleinhorn and Grummeleinhorn walking acts

As a highlight of the unicorn party, you can invite Pummeleinhorn, Grummeleinhorn or even Zebrasus - directly from the glittering world to your party room! Your guests will be thrilled, because when do you ever have the opportunity to meet real magical creatures? You can book the walking acts with our partner Vontz Events . Click here for more information!

In our “ Birthday & Party ” category you will find all of our cute party accessories. And now I wish you a lot of fun at your big unicorn party !

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