🥐 Kekscoole Tipps für ein gutes Frühstück!

🥐 Cookie-cool tips for a good breakfast!

🥐 Cookie-cool tips for a good breakfast!

I recently told Pummel that here in the world, breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day , but in many families it is also the only time when everyone in the family sits together at the table to start the day with energy!

A breakfast helps against grumpiness!

Even teachers have confirmed that some children have difficulty concentrating or are grumpy in class. They got to the bottom of the matter and found out that one in three schoolchildren skips breakfast in the morning and this is often the reason for weaknesses in school. Breakfast ends the longest fasting period of the day: there are usually more than 10 hours between dinner and breakfast - more than between any other meal. Of course, Pummel couldn't understand that at all, because he eats cookies around the clock . Haha!

Make breakfast a glitter festival!

Not just because you can eat lots of delicious delicacies in the morning, but because it's your time! Your time and that of your loved ones. These few minutes are yours and you can enjoy this time together and start the day together. Even my daughter Julia looks forward to our breakfast together every day!

Surely everyone in your family has their own favorite cup ? A favorite board , thermos bottle or lunch box for after breakfast? If not, then treat yourself to a really good start to the day and top off your breakfast with a piece of your favorite happiness from the glittering world !

I love my pink enamel cup with the chubby fairy on it! Oh, chubby fairy. I have bad missitis!

That reminds me... Do you actually know why we say lunch & dinner, but call the morning meal breakfast? Super smart scientists think that this goes back to the 15th century: Back then they called it “early pieces” that people ate after sleeping and took with them when doing physically hard work. Over time, the “early pieces” became our “breakfast”.

Pummel loved my stories about breakfast so much that he now enjoys a healthy breakfast with Norbert, Bisu and Purricorn every morning! I think I'll pay them a visit soon and bring some rainbow cake for dessert.

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