Hörspiel Staffel 5 "Kaperfahrt der Glitzerweltpiraten!" 🏴‍☠️

Radio play season 5 "Pirate trip of the Glitter World Pirates!" 🏴‍☠️

Radio play season 5 "Pirate trip of the Glitter World Pirates!" 🏴‍☠️

Time flies so quickly: It feels like you've only just finished listening to the 4th season of the Pummeleinhorn radio play " The Journey to Eswaramaal " and then - as Pummel's word of honor promised - the new 5th season "Pirate Trip of the Glitter World Pirates" is already appearing 🏴 ‍☠️ !

Just in time for Christmas, when the days are getting shorter and colder and you'd love to listen to radio plays all day long with crispy pastries and hot chocolate at home, snuggled up in fluffy fleece blankets , there's another exciting adventure from our glittering world heroes.

What happened so far...

The nasty 🐒 hooded ninja monkey Botoko wants to take revenge on Pummel and his friends because they made his pirate crew including 🐙 Captain Octobart "in the stupidest way possible". So he comes up with a nasty plan to strip the glittering world of its rainbow colors and causes the rainbow to burst with a cannon shot. With dire consequences: Pummelomi and the other Glitterworlders are slowly losing their colors and the entire Glitterworld is at stake! Our heroes have to travel to the fairytale “ Eswaramaal ” and find the seven minions behind the seven mountains so that they can reforge the 🌈 rainbow again. A Pummeleinhorn adventure wouldn't be a Pummeleinhorn adventure if everything didn't end well. Of course, Pummel and Co. make it out of the story unscathed and save their colorful world!

And so it continues now!

Actually , Julia just wanted to ask her boyfriend Nik if he would like to visit the glittering world with her sometime. Then Pummel portals himself into the middle of Nik's room and invites the two of them to the chocolate fruit sniffing race in the 🍫 chocolate fruit forest . Julia and Nik enthusiastically agree and accompany Pummel. But before the race can begin, the pirate cloud ship appears with the nasty hooded ninja monkey Botoko and other ominous intentions for revenge. And before they know it, Pummel and his friends, together with “the real pirate” Bonnie McSwan , are on the search for the mysterious Naschlantis and the hidden ⛲ fountain of constantly bubbling dough in order to save the glittering world from destruction once again.

Behind the radio play 🎧

The Pummeleinhorn radio play series is now entering its fifth round. As an all-ager, she is equally popular with children and adults and storms the top 3 of various Amazon and Audible charts with every release.

This time the glittery cool story comes from bestselling author Carsten Steenbergen , who has made a name for himself through the well-known novels "Florance Bell and the Melody of the Machines" and "Ghostsitter - Hunters of the Lost Serum", among others. He also wrote successful radio plays such as “Treasure Island”, “The Sea Wolf” and the popular Audible series “The Master Part 1-3”.

Tommy Krappweis is of course back on board as co-author and music producer . Sabine Bohlmann is responsible for directing and once again lends her voice to the chubby fairy .

In addition to the popular and already well-known speakers such as Constanze Lindner as Mama Meike, Paulina Rümmelein as Julia, Marti Fischer as Cookie Norbert and of course Thomas Nicolai as Pummel , Arlett Drexler is making her debut in season 5 as pirate Bonnie McSwan.

The Pummeleinhorn Season 5 – Excitement guaranteed in the search for snacks! Listen now on Amazon Music and audible !

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