🎄🌈 So feiert die Glitzerwelt Weihnachten

🎄🌈 This is how the glitter world celebrates Christmas

🎄🌈 This is how the glitter world celebrates Christmas


Listen up! Yes, you! I see how you're running around wildly in the world - with a lot of stress ! I don't know that at all. Here in the glitter world things work very differently. Do you want to hear the story? Of course you want this:

The glitter world Christmas preparations

We look forward to this wonderfully sweet time all year long. During the cold shower ice storms, most Glitterworlders sleep soundly. But when the first flakes of ❄️ desiccated coconut snow fall from the sky, that's the sign for everyone from near and far to get dressed up and head to Pummelomi . The 🎄 large cotton candy tree is already waiting to be decorated there. While the adults carefully try to attach the last Christmas balls to the top, the rest are already making themselves comfortable at the long table. Pummelomi's delicious apple punch puts even the grumpiest nose in the Christmas spirit. And so we play Monopoly , Cluedo , do puzzles and sing Pummel's specially composed songs.

The competition

Grummel and Pummel have been having an ugly sweater competition in the living room for years, and it's getting crazier and crazier. Do not you think? Here you can find photo evidence of Pummel and Grummel . Horribly beautiful, right? Haha! 🤣

The bell

When Pummelomi rings the 🔔 bell, the Christmas 🍽️ food calation is officially opened and it's time to eat. Traditionally , seventeen desserts are eaten in a very specific order. I can never remember it, I just know that it first becomes nutty, then caramelly and towards the end it becomes honey-like. Yummy! You can find the exact recipes - translated into the world language - in the magical gourmet book .

Glittery gifts

Ooh, the presents ! In the glitter world, we usually draw our gift partners. Of course everyone wants to be drawn by the chubby fairy , because she is the secret ✨ master of gifts. In the last few years she has given Pummel a sparkly glitter cup , surprised her best friend Zuckerella with a... different colored glitter cup and even brought a tear to Grumber's eye with a gold glitter cup . We are so excited to see what she comes up with for this year!


When everyone is happily dozing in a heap on, over and in front of the living room couch, filled to the brim, time stands still for a moment and the glittering magic fills the night sky . What a wonderful time.

Tips for the world world

If you would like to give away a little glitter magic in your world Christmas party , but time is running out, I asked Pummel to write you a short list of relaxing little things that bring joy:
Have fun and a merry (glitter) Christmas!

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