Der Einhorn Test

Test: How much of a unicorn is in you? 🦄

Test: How much of a unicorn is in you? 🦄

Would you like to find out whether you are a real unicorn so that you can secretly mingle with the lovable inhabitants of the glittering world of Pummeleinhorn and Grummeleinhorn ? Then do this cool test and find out quickly:

🍪 When you think of unicorns, what comes to mind first?
a) Magic and spells
b) Glitter and rainbows
c) Rainbow cluster

🍪 Which colors do you like best?
a) Pastel colors
b) Bright colors
c) Dark colors

🍪 If you could choose a unicorn cuddly toy , what size would it be?
a) Small and cute
b) Medium sized and cuddly
c) Large and imposing

🍪 Which unicorn movie is your favorite?
a) The Pummeleinhorn film (if it existed!)
b) The Last Unicorn
c) Nico the Unicorn

🍪 If you could have a unicorn as a pet, what would you most like to do with it?
a) Riding over the rainbow
b) Experience magical adventures
c) Chill with him

🍪 Which of these sayings do you like the most?
a) "Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then be a unicorn!"
b) "I believe in unicorns."
c) "Be a unicorn in a herd of horses."

🍪 What would you name your unicorn?
a) Chubby unicorn
b) Chubby fairy
c) Hornbert

🍪 Which of these terms best describes a unicorn?
a) Rainbow
b) Magic
c) chess

Add up the points from your answers and find out how much of a unicorn you have: a) = 1 point, b) = 2 points, c) = 3 points

If you have between 8 and 12 points, you are a true unicorn fan ! You love the magic, magic and rainbow colors that unicorns bring.

If you have between 13 and 16 points, then you have a healthy dose of unicorn love . You like the mystical creatures, but they don't play the only role in your life.

If you have between 17 and 24 points, you are not a huge unicorn fan . You like unicorns and you might treat yourself to one or two cute unicorn mugs , but you probably wouldn't redecorate your room into a unicorn world .


  • Die Suche dauerte lang, doch war sie nicht vergebens.
    Egal, wie lange es her ist – meine Einhornliebe wächst, wie auch die Anzahl meiner Pummis.
    Die Meisten heißen Horni oder Hörni. 🙂

    Judith on

  • Ich liebe pummeleinhorn🦄

    Alysson on

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