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From yoginis to yogis 🧘 Yoga conquers the hearts of young and old

From yoginis to yogis 🧘 Yoga conquers the hearts of young and old

Namaste! 🌸 Today I invite you to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of yoga with me and discover how different exercises can accompany both young and old into a healthier life. Yoga is not just a physical activity, but above all helps you to relax and become more balanced. 😌

From stress relief to serenity: How yoga has a positive impact on your everyday life

In a world that is often characterized by hectic pace and everyday stress, yoga - similar to the magical unicorn world - offers a valuable retreat . The gentle movements and breathing exercises help to relieve tension and calm the mind. From relaxing to complex and dynamic asanas , there are a variety of exercises that can be adapted to your individual needs.

By the way, “ asana ” is the name given to the different postures and positions that you take during yoga exercises. These poses are designed to promote physical strength , flexibility and balance , as well as improve physical health - it can even help relieve back or neck pain. Yoga also offers the advantage that it has a positive effect on calming the mind , but above all it also promotes mindfulness and concentration .

Playfully strong: Understand and manage emotions with yoga

Children can also benefit from magical yoga exercises! Playful animal poses, such as "eagle", "cat" or "dolphin", are not only fun, but also promote motor skills . Through breathing exercises and relaxation phases, children learn how to deal with their emotions and develop better body awareness - here are some of the benefits at a glance:

  1. ❤️ Promote mindfulness: By breathing consciously and taking yoga poses, you learn to be in the here and now - just like enjoying a cookie. It helps them detach from negative thoughts and emotions and focus on that positive moment.

  2. 🧡 Stress relief: Yoga can teach children stress relief techniques, such as deep breathing and relaxation exercises. This way they can reduce tension and learn to feel calmer , even when they are in stressful situations.

  3. 💛 Emotional Expression: Yoga provides children with a safe space to express their feelings. Through certain yoga poses and facial expressions, they can explore their emotions in a playful way and learn to understand them better.

  4. 💚 Increase self-confidence: By mastering asanas, children can build their self-confidence. When they realize that they are able to overcome challenges little by little, it strengthens their self-esteem and their positive self-perception.

  5. 💙 Develop empathy: In yoga groups, children learn to work in a community and take care of each other. In this way, they develop empathy for the needs and feelings of others.

  6. 💜 Find peace: Certain yoga poses promote relaxation and help children calm their thoughts. This helps you recover from everyday stress and process it in a balanced way.

Pummeleinhorn meets kids4yoga

With our friends from kids4yoga you now have the opportunity to do relaxing Pummel Yoga from home! In cute videos, chubby people and yoginis show you how to do different yoga exercises. This has never happened before! Or have you ever seen a unicorn doing yoga? Haha!

You can get all the information on their website and even take part in a trial course: Click here to register

The best thing about yoga is that there are no age limits, body sizes or types. It brings people - and of course unicorns - of all ages together and strengthens the bond between them.

And now grab your yoga mat and relax with Pummeleinhorn during the magical Pummel Yoga ! 🧘 Namaste!

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