Salzig-süße Grüße aus Glitternacht von Zonbi & Boo

Salty-sweet greetings from Glitter Night from Zonbi & Boo

Salty-sweet greetings from Glitter Night from Zonbi & Boo

The west of the glittering world is always worth a trip! If you make your way through the rapidly growing candy cane forest near the Hammock Park in Kuri and visit Boo , Conjo and the Lollifant in Lolliwood , the reward is a very special monument: the Pumpkin Mountain Castle on the Pumpkin Castle Mountain in Pumpkin Mountain! With meter-thick walls, it is not only a first-class attraction, but is also ideal for conquests. Zonbi and Vampcat enjoy helping visitors and lost people in need and are only half as scary and undead as their names sound.

The residents

Game of hide and seek in Lolliwood

A whole forest of lollipops?! A highlight for every Glitter World tourist! But only particularly attentive visitors to Lolliwood realize that not everything that looks like a lollipop is actually a lollipop... The shy lollipop camouflages itself between the trees by curling up its striped trunk and making itself rigid.

Candy cane forest

Candy Cane Forest is like Lolliwood's punky cousin. The candy canes grow so close together that you can't get between them! Even if you try to cut them down, they grow back quickly and with sharp edges. But even here, in the otherwise impenetrable thicket, there is a bare spot: Kuri's hammock park . The sloth lady relaxes here at the end of the day after lazing around all day!

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