Steffi Engel mit Pummeleinhorn und Grummeleinhorn

The Pummeleinhorn – For more self-love and diversity

The Pummeleinhorn – For more self-love and diversity

In a world that is often hectic and stressful, one brand shines with unparalleled magic and heartwarming message: The Pummeleinhorn . With an impressive range of well-known licensing partners such as Amazon Music & Audible , Aral , tonies , United Labels , Herding and many more, the cute unicorn has won a permanent place in the hearts of people of all ages.

A fluffy message with meaning for young and old

The Pummeleinhorn stands for much more than just fluffy unicorns, cookies and imaginative unicorn worlds: the brand stands above all for self-love , self-acceptance and diversity . In a society where the pursuit of perfection often prevails, Pummel and his friends remind us that it's what's inside that counts . Because everyone is unique and valuable , just as he or she is.

The fascination of the Pummeleinhorn therefore extends across all age groups. No matter whether big or small - everyone enjoys the loving characters, the delicious, colorful glittering world and of course the funny fun pictures, stories and comics. A special highlight here are the entertaining radio play adventures , which are fun for the whole family.

A glittering world full of colorful diversity

The Pummeleinhorn website invites you to immerse yourself in the gigantic and magical world of glitter . Here you not only find out everything about the main characters Pummel, Norbert, Pummelfee, Grummeleinhorn and Pummelomi, but you also find everything you need to know about over 30 other friends and the unicorn myth itself. Special extras include free unicorn coloring pages , craft templates, puzzles and comics and a blog that are guaranteed to add sparkle and creativity to your everyday life.

In addition to all these magical things, you can also find an extensive variety of products in the Pummeleinhorn Unicorn Shop with over 400 unique unicorn gifts . Everything is designed with dedication and carries the warm message of the brand. For example, you can expect fluffy unicorn cuddly toys that fit perfectly into every hug. A wide selection of unicorn cups with humorous sayings ensure the right amount of rainbow joy in the morning. From charming clothing and cozy home textiles to practical car accessories, kitchenware and colorful stationery - everyone can find a piece of magic for their home here.

The artist behind the magic

Behind the Pummeleinhorn is a creative and passionate graphic designer and illustrator: Steffi Engel . With all her heart and soul and her attention to detail, she created the chubby unicorn and a whole glittering world. Her vision of a world in which individuality is celebrated is reflected in her work and has inspired numerous people for many years.

The Pummeleinhorn is not just a brand, but an attitude to life . It reminds us that it is important to have a heart of gold and that diversity and friendship make our world shine with rainbow colors.