Einhorn Snacks zum Selbermachen

10 unicorn snacks to make yourself 🤤

10 unicorn snacks to make yourself 🤤

Simple unicorn snack recipes for your sweet tooth

Pummeleinhorn not only brings magic into our lives, but can also provide an entertaining and delicious evening with family and friends. After all, he has the cutest belly of all!

Why not serve homemade unicorn snacks at your next game night or unicorn birthday party ? Your guests will be amazed! Here we have 10 simple and delicious recipes to prepare sweet, savory and healthy unicorn snacks .

  1. 🌈 Rainbow fruit skewers: Cut different types of fruit into pieces and skewer them alternately on wooden skewers. Use a variety of fruits with different colors like strawberries, pineapples, blueberries, and grapes to create a vibrant rainbow effect. Alternatively, you can arrange the fruit slices on a plate, sorted by color.

  2. 🍿 Unicorn Popcorn: Add red food coloring to your popcorn in the pot. Then sprinkle a few colorful sprinkles or some edible glitter over the finished pink popcorn. You get a unique unicorn look and it tastes simply delicious!

  3. 🥤 Unicorn Smoothie: Mix a combination of fresh berries, yogurt and a little honey into a creamy smoothie. Decorate the edges of your glass with a little sugar water and colorful sugar sprinkles beforehand. This healthy and refreshing snack is sure to delight everyone.

  4. 🥒 Rainbow Vegetable Sticks: Cut a variety of colorful vegetables such as carrots, peppers, cucumbers and radishes into strips. Decorate them on a plate in sorted colors like a rainbow and serve them with a delicious dip, such as yogurt, tzatziki or hummus.

  5. 🧁 Unicorn Cupcakes: Bake classic vanilla cupcakes and decorate them with colorful icing and fondant decorations. Use food coloring to make the cream dome in rainbow colors and add edible glitter to enhance the unicorn magic. Let your imagination run wild!

  6. 🥛 Unicorn Milkshakes: Blend vanilla ice cream, milk and fresh strawberries (or other fruit) in a blender. Pour the shake into glasses and decorate with a little icing and colorful mini marshmallows or sprinkles. Yummy!

  7. 🍞 Unicorn bread: Spread delicious cream cheese on slices of your favorite bread and place colorful fruit slices on top in sorted colors. How about blueberries, bananas and strawberries, for example? Perfect as a delicious snack or healthy breakfast!

  8. 🍕 Unicorn Pizza: Decorate your homemade pizza with various colorful ingredients such as peppers, tomatoes, corn, olives and cheese. Lay the toppings so that they look like a chubby unicorn head. For example, you can shape the cheese into the head and use various vegetables to create the mane. Use small pieces of olives for eyes and nostrils.

  9. ⚡ Unicorn energy balls: Mix oat flakes, ground almonds, honey, coconut flakes and some food coloring in a bowl. Roll small balls out of the mixture and decorate them with edible glitter. These healthy snacks are perfect for snacking and refueling.

  10. 🥔 Unicorn vegetable chips: Cut various colorful vegetables such as beetroot, sweet potatoes and eggplant into thin slices. Place them on a baking tray lined with baking paper, drizzle them with a little olive oil and season them with salt and spices as desired. Bake them in the oven at 140° for 30-45 minutes, depending on the thickness and water content of the vegetables, until they are crispy. Leave the oven door open slightly so that the moisture can escape. These colorful vegetable chips are not only delicious, but also a healthier alternative to traditional snacks.

The mix of sweet, savory and healthy snacks ensures there is something for every taste. So grab your cooking apron and let your imagination run wild!

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