6 kekscoole Geschenkideen für Einhorn Fans 🦄

6 cookie-cool gift ideas for unicorn fans 🦄

6 cookie-cool gift ideas for unicorn fans 🦄

Especially in gray times like these, we enjoy colorful and beautiful things all the more because they take our minds off other things.

So it's no wonder that many people 🌈 love unicorns ! These magical creatures not only look magical, but also radiate inner peace and symbolize hope.

This is also the case with our beloved Pummeleinhorn from Glitter World : he shows everyone that it is important to have a heart of gold and both hooves full of cookies ! For him, the cookie jar is always half full and with his always positive thoughts he brightens up even the most cloudy mood.

Magical gifts for adults 🎁

"Aren't you too old for unicorns?" - You are never too old for anything! We shouldn't let others tell us anything and enjoy everything we think is great to the fullest! There is nothing more beautiful than when we carry our childlike imagination and joy throughout our lives and, above all, preserve it!

Here you will find three cookie gift ideas for unicorn fans from Pummel & Friends that are guaranteed to make every heart beat faster and spread a good mood:

Gift ideas for unicorn fans I Pummel & Friends online shop
  • Our Pummeleinhorn cuddly toys fit perfectly into every hug! They are cuddly soft and are an absolute must-have for every fan of the magical mythical creatures.
  • If you're looking for a cute unicorn souvenir , we recommend our 💜 gift set : after all, everyone can use a large jumbo cup full of love and a little chubby unicorn as a constant companion anyway!
  • For everyone who not only loves snacking like Pummel, but also enjoys baking - we recommend our 🧁 magical dessert book with lots of cookie-cool recipes! The way to love a unicorn is through your stomach!

Children love the magic of unicorns 💝

It's not just us adults (up to age indefinite) who like unicorns in all shapes and colors - our sweet gift items are of course also perfect for children aged 4 and over !

Children love the magic of unicorns I Pummel & Friends online shop
  • How about our Chubby Fairy as a cuddly toy who hatches from her rainbow egg ? With her practical 15 cm cuddly size and the sweet tutu, she will put a smile on the faces of children who love glitter as much as the fairy!
  • Of course, there is also a matching, glittery outfit to match the plush toy: a cozy jumpsuit is a must-have in any child's wardrobe.
  • The Pummel & Friends magazine is ideal for ending the day comfortably with comics and sweet pictures from the glittering world.

We hope that we were able to provide you with some nice gift ideas and inspiration . However, if you need further support, please write to us via our support chat (bottom left).


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