Valentinstag in der Glitzerwelt! ❤️

Valentine's Day in the glitter world! ❤️

Valentine's Day in the glitter world! ❤️

All lovers in the 🌈 glitter world are preparing their day together with rose-colored glasses. 💝

The hedgehog lady Ari , for example, secretly got Zumi a big cup full of love ☕️ - and he gave her a tin that he filled with all kinds of sweets 🍭🍬🍫!

But Valentine's Day in the glitter world is fundamentally different from that in the world world: it is also celebrated by those who are not in a relationship! For them it's simply called " Favortinstag " - and they do each other favors 💞 for a whole day: Zebrasus lends Hummel his garden tools, Pummel puts a hot water bottle in Omi's bed, and Norbert does some shopping in the city for Grummel so that he doesn't have anyone must see. It's just more fun to do something for others!✨

However, Fallentin's Day is just the culmination of a year-round tradition: the person who has been particularly kind and full of affection in the last 365 days receives a magical rose🌹, which evokes memories full of love and joy in the wearer. Pummelomi was given it in her youth by an admirer from a distant land, and since then the flower has been valued and shared as a treasure by the entire glittering world! Who will get it this year?

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