Pummeleinhorn in Museum

Pummeleinhorn in the German Horse Museum 🐎

Pummeleinhorn in the German Horse Museum 🐎

What do the works of art “Mona Lisa” and the “Last Supper” have in common with our chubby unicorn ? No, they didn't all come from the brilliant pen of Leonardo da Vinci . It is also not the unique portrait face that unites Pummel and the Mona Lisa . Pummel and his friends have never knowingly sat at the same table for such a big feast... no, that's not it. In mid-2021 , our popular & obese chubby unicorn was hanging in a museum ! More precisely in THE museum. The German Horse Museum in Verden ! There was Pummel between “Pegasus” and The first cloned horse “Prometea” cannot be overlooked.  

Pummeleinhorn illustrations in the German Horse Museum

Even if it does not have quite the status of the Louvre in Paris , it was awarded the coveted Lower Saxony and Bremen museum quality seal in 2018 . In the middle of the horse country of Lower Saxony, in the special atmosphere of a former cavalry barracks, horse lovers big and small and those who want to become one are invited to an entertaining tour of discovery on 1,600 square meters of exhibition space .

Chubby unicorn next to unicorns and Pegasus

In its varied exhibition "Famous Horses from Mythology, History and Popular Culture" , this museum showed the importance that horses have had for humans over the centuries. And of course the most popular unicorn with his friends and her unbridled magical imagination shouldn't be missing!

Pummeleinhorn exhibited in the German Horse Museum

The entire Pummeleinhorn team and all characters from the popular glitter world are incredibly proud of this unique award!


  • Très beau musée
    Une visite s’impose.

    Moureau François on

  • Mega, mega gut! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!

    Natascha K. on

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