Silvester 🎈✨ Das Fest der Erinnerlichter

New Year's Eve 🎈✨ The festival of remembering lights

New Year's Eve 🎈✨ The festival of remembering lights

On New Year's Eve, Pummeleinhorn , Norbert , Grummeleinhorn and their friends prepared for a very special and magical festival: the Festival of Remembrance Lights . 🎈✨

Each resident of the glittering world had a colorful balloon into which they put beautiful thoughts and fond memories of happy moments from the past year. Pummeleinhorn thought about his adventurous cloud ship adventures with his friends, Norbert laughed about the baking chaos at Pummelomi's on Christmas Day and even Grummeleinhorn fondly remembered the puzzle song that burst out of him with joy when he solved Meike's puzzle books.

When night fell, everyone gathered on the shore of the Süssmilchsee. Filled with a festive mood and wonderful thoughts, they released their balloons into the sky. The love and warmth that was in each balloon made them float higher and higher until they touched the cookie stars. 🌟

At midnight, when the Remembrance Lights reached their highest point, they exploded in a spectacular fireworks display of glittering stars. Each of these stars was now a memory held in the sky for eternity. The glittering world was illuminated by a magical sea of ​​light and colors - a symbolic farewell to the old year and a brilliant welcome to the new one.

The Festival of Remembrance became a beloved tradition in the glittering world, a festival that honored the past while looking to the future with joy and confidence.

The glitter world wishes all world fans a happy new year!

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