Der Ursprung des Gefallentinstags 🌹

The origin of Fallentin’s Day 🌹

The origin of Fallentin’s Day 🌹

In the world of glitter, Fallentin's Day was more than just a holiday - it was the culmination of a loving tradition that strengthened the heart of the community. This special day was crowned with the presentation of a magical rose , which was not only a symbol of love but also a carrier of precious memories. 🥰

The story of the memory rose began long ago, when the young Pummelomi received it from Pummelino , her brave and adventurous admirer. He had left her a rose along with a loving letter 💌 describing his deep affection and the memories they shared. It was an unexpected farewell gift that Pummelomi always carried in her heart after Pummelino suddenly disappeared on his journey to Naschlantis and never returned. 😢 Over the centuries, Pummelomi preserved the rose and the memories of it and created thetradition of Fallentin's Day . Each year the rose was presented to a resident whose kindness warmed the hearts of others .

This year, however, Fallentin's Day was particularly emotional, because after over 300 years, Pummelino surprisingly returned to the glittering world thanks to Pummeleinhorn and his friends . The residents were filled with joy, so it was no wonder that Pummelomi was chosen as the memorial rose. She always took loving care of all the residents and was an anchor of confidence and comfort for everyone . 💖

The Glitterworlders had planned something special: in addition to the rose, they all wrote loving letters with personal words ✍️ of appreciation to Pummelomi: “You gave me a hug when I urgently needed it,” “You always had good advice for me,” “You always find the right words of comfort ”, “You baked me the most delicious cookies ”, “You tell the most beautiful stories ”...

When the big moment came and Pummelino presented the rose to Pummelomi, tears of happiness flowed down her cheeks . The rose began to glow, evoking memories full of affection and joy, while the letters filled her heart with warmth and gratitude. It was a moment full of love and deeply felt emotions.

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