Weihnachten 🌟 Die Nacht der Wunschsterne

Christmas 🌟 The Night of the Wishing Stars

Christmas 🌟 The Night of the Wishing Stars

In the magical world of glitter, there was a warm tradition that Pummeleinhorn and his friends celebrated every Christmas: It started on Christmas Eve at Pummelomi's in the cozy Guglhupfburg, where everyone gathered to enjoy the traditional Christmas cake 🍰 together .

The Guglhupfburg was beautifully decorated - with sparkling fairy lights and a large fireplace in which a cozy fire crackled. Pummelomi had baked her famous Christmas cake , which stood fragrant and warm on the festively decorated table. Pummeleinhorn , Norbert , Grummeleinhorn , Pummelfee , Zebrasus and Buddy gathered around the table, laughing and exchanging stories while enjoying the delicious cake .

Christmas cake

After fortifying themselves with cake, it was time for the special Christmas tradition: the Night of the 🌟 Wishing Stars . Tradition said that on Christmas night, when everyone was sound asleep, the wishing stars would dissolve into glitter dust and carry their wishes into the New Year.

Everyone made a glittering star out of paper and wrote their wish for the coming year on it. They wanted more shared adventures and time with friends , moments of peace and reflection , as well as the opportunity to spread more magic and joy in the glittering world and global world.

Pummelomi also had a very special wish for the New Year. As she held her glittering star in her hooves, she thought carefully before writing her wish. She looked around at the happy crowd with a smile. Her greatest treasure was the unchanging kindness and loving heart of her loved ones. 💖 She wished that Pummel and his friends continued to have their hearts in the right place, full of love, kindness and compassion.

With their wishing stars they made their way to the large Christmas sugar tree in the main square of the town of Cookies. Here they carefully hung their stars - each star a sparkling promise for the future . Together with other residents of the glittering world, they sang contemplative Christmas carols at the end of the day. Late in the evening everyone went to sleep, dreaming of the wishes they had immortalized on their stars.

The Christmas miracle happened exactly at midnight: the stars began to shine and dissolved into a beautiful veil of ✨ glitter dust. This floated in the air and spread over the entire world like a shimmering cloak. The next morning everyone woke up with a feeling of hope and joy. They knew that their wishes, although now invisible, still lived in the magic of the glittering world and would miraculously come true in the coming year. 🌈

So every Christmas, the Glitter World celebrated the Night of the Wishing Stars, a loving tradition that warmed hearts and filled the world with the magic of hope and joy.

On that note... happy fluffy nights!

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