Glitzerwelt Silvesterparty 🎉

Glitter world New Year's Eve party 🎉

Glitter world New Year's Eve party 🎉

Even in the 🌈 glitter world, the anticipation of the new year is huge!

To round off the last 365 days, our friends all sat together in Pummel's festively decorated house , played 🎲 games and presented their 💭 " jam jar moments ": from the greatest adventures to the most beautiful encounters to short but special snack breaks have been remembered.

This year Pummel talked about his sea voyage with the 🏴‍☠️ pirate Bonnie McSwan , which even the world found out about, and Norbert talked about how he became the leader of an entire cookie army! Grumble , in turn, muttered proudly that a lot fewer people visited him this year and that he finally had some peace and quiet - of course still not enough. With her painting and crafting skills, Pummelfee has captured the best memories as pop-up stories so that her friends around the world can also enjoy them! ✨

Afterwards, Pummelomi conjured up the most delicious specialties that satisfied even the fluffiest unicorn. But with a big appetite came a big sleep... and today no one remembers whether anyone actually made it to 🕛 zero o'clock?!

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