Pummelfee & Pummelomi zaubern in Glitzerglimmerstadt

Pummelfee & Pummelomi create magic in glitter glitter city

Pummelfee & Pummelomi create magic in glitter glitter city

Glamour? No, Glimmer! Glitter Glimmer City is the most noble corner of the glitter world, where only the biggest cinnamon stars have their address. Here the chubby fairy lives and does magic right on the Schimmersee . Just a few steps (or many small cookie steps) away you will find the Gugelhupfburg , where Pummelomi and Flecki grow delicious desserts in the garden.

The residents

Glitter mica city

There is complete chaos in the chubby fairy's house . Not because she never cleans up - but because her spells always go wrong! After the get-up-and-dress spell in the morning, the wardrobe is broken, so a repair spell is needed, which then brings the tools to life, so they need a tool-feeding-and-petting spell... You get the idea!

Shimmer Lake

The Shimmersee is a dream for all shimmer swimmers! The surface reflects the sunlight so beautifully that you can't even see through it. This means that sunbathing cookies get a delicious browning on both sides - no matter how they lie!


Always freshly glazed, the Guglhupfburg in cookies sparkles even from afar! It is the most beautiful building in the city - and not just from the outside! Because Pummelomi lives there. She constantly makes sure that every wall in the house is neatly covered with powdered sugar and that the chocolate chips shine on the walls. The Guglhupfburg is not to be confused with the Guglhüpfburg, which is built in the summer on the large meadow in the biscuit park.

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