✂️ Pummelfee bastelt virtuelle Bilderbücher (Video)

✂️ Chubby fairy makes virtual picture books (video)

✂️ Chubby fairy makes virtual picture books (video)

When Pummeleinhorn and Norbert return home from a new adventure, I'm doubly happy - firstly because my friends are safe at home again, and secondly because I can now make another 📖 pop-up story ! Because with cardboard, crayons and a little magic imagination I capture the best moments from Pummel's life: each of the stories represents a scene that the world's people have only known from radio play adventures . For the first time you can see them too! ✨

The whole thing started with Pummel's story that Julia wanted to get him to do ⚽ sports... I found that so funny that I had to make the Kastner family 's living room straight away:

But some stories I don't even need to be told - because I was there myself! I made a special effort to recreate my most successful attempt to fly to date:

So the next time you feel like going on an adventure in the glittering world - but don't have the time for a radio play, take a look at the dedicated pop-up stories page . I would be very happy!

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